Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Even as an adult, I still need training wheels...

This is me...Eliza.  I am an Author Still with Training Wheels! 

   I have become a very co-dependent person when it comes to being an author.  I have joined groups and circles of people all in the writing community.  I am still insecure about my writing, but not with writing.  I can always sit down and just write.  My insecurity lies deep within my conscious self.  I always question whether someone will like it. 
 So with that said, I always turn to those I trust, knowing I can get the best advice possible from certain people.  It has come to the point where they are my "training wheels".  One day I know I will have to take them off and ride myself off into the sunset, but for now, they will remain my security blanket. I have discovered that the writing community is a very tight knit group of people constantly pulling for one another.  Through the rejections all the way to being published.  Everyone is so supportive! And I LOVE it!
 I hope that one day I can be training wheels for someone else!  I have been so focused on getting my "dream"  that I am forgetting that I am "living my dream".  The journey is part of it!  I have so many supporters, and it makes me happy that I can put words down, that reaches someone in some way.  I like my "training wheels"  they make me comfortable, and I feel safer knowing that if I start to tip, they are there to catch me before I fall.  So a big thank you to my safety nets, and to my supporters.  I hope you enjoy my new author blog, and let's learn to ride this thing together shall we?


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